5 Hacking WordPress E-commerce Strategies to Boost Sales

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Racing in the online area can be tough. You need to be steadily optimizing your WooCommerce or Easy Digital Downloads site in new and productive ways to captivate more customers. For some, even a 1% increment in conversions could mean tremendous profits. Instead of re-hashing universal tips such as “pay for Facebook ads,” that you’ve apparently heard a hundred times, today we’ll try to share with you some unique e-commerce tactics that you can perform right away on your WordPress site. Expectedly, you’ll find something in here you haven’t seen before and it can assist you to get those record-breaking sales in 2018!

5 Best E-commerce Strategies and Hacks

It doesn’t matter how your business is and how big is your team, definitely, everyone like you will want to increase their sales and conversions. The following e-commerce strategies will work for both: large WooCommerce website or even on a small Easy Digital Downloads site who has just started to sell their recent premium digital products.

  1. Automate Capturing Lost Sales
  2. Enhance the visibility of your Coupons/Discounts
  3. Integrate push notifications
  4. Improve page speed
  5. Support visitors instantly using live chat

 Automate Capturing Lost Sales

Have you ever thought that almost 70% of your customers abandoned their cart even after they have successfully put items in their cart? It may sound unbelievable to you but I am not telling lie. Check out the data here.

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